The Blue Economy conference 2018

The Sustainable blue economy conference 2018(SBEC) was hosted in kenya Nairobi with simultaneous co-host Japan and Canada.The event occurred at the Kenyatta International convention centre(KICC) with His excellency Uhuru Kenyatta hosting the conference ,over 10 heads of state and government, governors, mayor’s, international organizations plus 18000 participant representing some 185 countries attended the conference. The 2018 Blue economy conference was streamed across Nairobi city which  included the business and private sector forum, the mayor’s and governors convention, the leadership conference and the reach and scientific segment done in the University of Nairobi, over 200 speakers will had  their views at the 300 events conference.Blue economy conference captured a concrete commitments and practical actions that can be taken today to help the world, transition to the blue economy, the benefits from the blue economies such as kenya, Africa and developing states such as Seychelles, Samoa and Fiji cuts across their oceans, sea,rivers and inland green houses and will help mitigate the impact and harness the potential of the blue economy jobs and combat poverty and hunger. The Sustainable blue economy conference build on the momentum of the UN’s 2030 agenda for sustainable development, the 2015 climate change in Paris and the UN Ocean conference 2017 with its drive on “call for action”. The conference brought  together the players needed to transform our blue economy thus opening new avenue to businesses in blue economies.