Its 2019 folks happy new year, 2018 is history now, to many here in my part of the world(kenya) it’s not always sweet happy January. 

It being the first month of the year comes with  constrains, mishaps and responsibilities.We all have that January feeling and experience where nothing seems to be enough, not even you little savings can sustain your humongous budget. Especially if it come with family. 

What makes it painful is that 2019 being a New year should be embedded on goals and visions of January can be hard for some of us out here.

The big Question is that is their ways we could have spend 2018 Christmas with a lot of cautious focusing on new year resolutions.surely it has failed to work for most of us, leaving us empty pockets comes January but as they say in my country(njaanuary).

Enough with that it’s a ready here and we have to deal with it. So how do we cope up with this self predicament of Njaanuary which seems to have 60 days in calendar year. 

1.Stick to your budget

I choose this to be the first one because it’s the only way for you to survive the rough month. It being a tough month it no time to lavish and spending unwisely. Just go with your initial  budget for you to survive


As the heading says, just turn down stuffs that could make you dig dipper into your empty pockets, things you could live without are best for sacrifices. The hectic fees and rent fee should be top on your budget. I usually advice my Friends to pay their January rent on December so as to be safe, when the horror month dwell. It works for me.

3.Avoid Borrowing

To most December was sponsored other than saving some bank and app loans made their contributions which was used to spend high on family and lavishing. When it comes to january dear ones don’t GO back to add more or take loans. As we all know loans make one go underground as we say in swahili “ku go missing” I mean you don’t want to be running from the scorching sun of January additionally the lenders whom will be calling you with threat messages.

4.Zero Parties

My fellow Kenyans if December groove wasn’t enough for you then you must be crazy and sorry to say that(actually am not sorry at all). If still got Freinds luring you to January clubbing then your hopeless pal. Just put your essentials and priorities first.

Finally dear ones January is not just tough but a alien from Mars for most people across the world its the same narrative. But as they say what’s hard for you might be very easy for someone else, simply not everyone is having it rough this January.

What I usually say is just set out your needs and priorities per seeing the future and don’t be blinded by the current and temporary happiness, forgetting your bigger future plans and goals 

Just choose and set your mind to go for achievable ones and by the end of the year only your hard work will be the reflection of your goals and how much you’ve managed to achieve.

My lovely readers it gives me soo much joy and happiness when you give back feedback or comment on my articles. Feel free for criticism aand corrections as we are all humans. AM just thankful for you time.