Location:Diani Malindi, kenya


Sky diving as a sport is increasingly becoming more popular among tourists and locals along the coastal Beach, which I had written a bit on my last article on Malindi-marvels today I explore yes you heard me right sky diving above the Indian ocean in kenya.Sounds crazy ?Yes its crazy, intriguing, awesome, amazing and such a blast.

 I mean having a chance to view the blue Kenyan Coastline above the sky is such a dream for many (including me). From 12,000 feet above the ground with an instructor you jump off a plane and boom you see the Indian oceans high above.

If your worry on being clueless on jumping off a plane, diving, parachuting don’t worry because at the skydiving in diani you get to learn how everything works out in 1 weeks time from the best and I mean the best. if not yet convinced you will have an experienced instructor hooked up with you as you both jump off the plane before releasing the parachute.

even our very own cabinet secretary for tourism gives it a thumbs up. Sounds better now?.

So are you faint-hearted? If not why not experience the adrenaline and  awesomeness of skydiving. Check out some amazing photos from the sky diving team at diani malindi.