photo:president uhuru Kenyatta playing snooker after commissioning of the military cadets.

 President Kenyatta joined military cadet in Lanet NAKURU County for their commissioning after 3yrs of vigorous and intense training  with the new curriculum being applied for the sixth batch of the military cadet which incorporated academics and character development of the officers from Kenya and across the region.

But what stood out was a picture of the 4th president of Kenya and the founding father mzee jomo Kenyatta playing snooker along side their military officers in the military academy . 

the snooker game room was opened by the 1st president of Kenya mzee jomo Kenyatta the founding father of Kenya on the 9th August 1975 and 43yrs later His son who happens to be the current president of Kenya showed his prowess in snooker.

At the lanet military academy president uhuru Kenyatta said training of the cadet was revamped so as to respond to the complex nature of the modern challenges facing our nation, region and world. 
He praised lanet military academy saying it has continued to churn out outstanding military personnel from the region and continent. 
Presidential Kenyatta added that kenya will continue with its Amisom operation in Somalia and across the continent. Until a lasting peaceful solution is found in troubled nations.