The holiday is with us and once again the craze  around Roast meat but as it’s refer in this part my world NYAMA choma is what am writing about today. SO apart from writing articles am very good with Barbeque and preparing different cuisines(let me not bore you my kitchen skills which are unbeaten is  for another day). Roast meat is like a craving to many people not just in kenya, so today am going to show you a simple and exciting recipe to use when roasting be it a lamb, beef, fish or wild meat(if you are a fan).                                    INGREDIENTS                              2 Cloves of garlic,lemon, Turmeric.Curry powder, salt & black pepper.Coriander (Dania). Capsicum(hoho), Soy sauce                    PREPARATIONS:1.using a bowl place you meat and marinate it for approximately 2 hours using garlic and soy sauce,add some pepper and salt to taste.Lit your Roaster/jiko/Barbeque.Once the marination is done place you meat on the jiko/Barbeque for about an 1hr making turning and using flavors for a hint burnt such a rosemary and thyme. You can also use Barbeque sauce, the marinade you used during marination of the meat can be dabbed on the roasting meat for tasteir meat.After about 1hr the meat should be ready to serve and share with friends and family.                                                     Roast meat can be served with rice, drinks, can’t forget kenya staple food Ugali with your coriander and capsicum finely chopped for a great presentation so why not enjoy yourself with some African roast/Barbequed meat during this festive season.