Nakuru’s vision of becoming the 4th city in Kenya is at a bull eyes. 

The current  county Government pledged to have it fully become as a city by the year 2020,means a lot of ground work especially infrastructure has to top-notch. The county roads, sewerage systems and the beautification of the town has to well done.

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From tourism to sports and agricultural activities  and upcoming infrastructure all found in Nakuru County, now inline with infrastructure development in the county a mega plan is underway to construct an international Airport in Nakuru.

Location:Lanet Army Base

The project which  was slated to begin early January had stood a lot of hurdles,this not being the first time a proposal to construct an international Airport in Nakuru facing challenges as similar project was to be done at Nakuru pipeline area but the plan was dropped due to environmental concern.

This time round the project seems to be taking shape as a public participation was done to engage the local resident who would border the airport on the 19th of this month.

Purpose of the Airport

A lot of talks on the reason for an airline in Nakuru it just being 154km from Nairobi and 158km to eldoret both which have international airports. Which they say serves the same purpose. 

Well I sorted to gather facts on the purpose of this mega project and have breakdown some its benefits below.


Nakuru being  a major hub for tourist across the globe, it has 6 national parks and  lakes and is arguably among the top tourist destination for the country.The tourism has led to increase in popular 4 and 5 star hotels,having saying that the town is at a centerly position in the country and host diverse communities. From that the need of the airport closers to the county is surely important.


Another purpose is farming especially cash crop commodities such as flowers which are grown in the county.

Did you know that flowers grown in Nakuru sums as the largest flowers export in the country. 

The airport Will definitely make it easy for the perishable flowers and vegetables to reach the market while fresh.


Job attainment be it permanent or temporary is a dream from many especially the locals and with such a mega project underway it will directly impact the livelihood of the town toward becoming a city,from the construction point to the new business ventures that will definitely emerge many youths shall have an opportunity to get jobs.

Finally Kenyans let’s embrace every infrastructure project being undertaken by our government, because as a nation we cannot change our lives with poor infrastructure.

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