Sometimes we say we are fine when we are not. Mental health is our emotional, psychological and social well being that affects how we think, feel and act. People go through alot of “shit”, you can’t see someone else mental health.Mental health makes one get into deep depression and it doesn’t matter what you have achieved in life.Did you know 11% of youths in colleges/university have mental health problems that drives them in suicidal thoughts which most are unfortunately successful, when seeing though social pages how mental health has and is continuing eating into our society today. It’s presences is here and its felt across the it the young or old their is high rise on people across the globe commiting suicide due to mental health overpowering their thinking making them weak to continue living. Have you seen on the news where some young person has committed suicide or  man has killed his kids and wife or simply a girl has sturb his boyfriend. Mental health can vary from to love, poverty and many more.Social life and societal expectations, family, Freinds, and even lovers, they are the leading pillars to a person having mental health problems. Do you know? that you might be suffering from mental health and you don’t know, you might see a Freind putting on a smile out their laughing but  inside them their something eating them slowly. This goes into broad roots of inside and outside heath.They also say “the healthier the mind the healthier the body”. Going through mental health doesn’t mean that you are a failure, it just means you are in profoundly difficult utterly exhausting situation.Finding someone to talk to when going through shit in life can be sometime be very difficult journey to undertake buy truth be told its the main solution in helping you or someone with mental health. Be with someone who is good for youAs am doing now with this article don’t feel isolated, or ashamed. Just reflected on difficult problems that you or someone else is going through, “Let talk mental health solution”because it’s killing many and the cure is not some medical pills that is given in the hospital but it’s through lots and lots of engagements and discussions toward a healing from the mind.finally let go of your problemsHope this article was of help to someone somewhere, let’s engage more on mental health curative for a better world. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.