Located south east of Kenya in kilifi, with tropical beaches and range of vacation resorts.

MALINDI TOWN:with a population of 207,000 as per the 2009 census, it’s the largest town in kilifi County. 

What to do? 

Tourist across the globe storm this paradise, for its Tourism activities and sandy beaches which appeals the eye.founded in the 14th century has grown over the years to be a major hub for kenya coastal area as a popular European tourists especially the Italians destination.

  • So what’s makes malindi a hub and a major tourist destination in kenya and coast region?
  • Here are the 7 places that are a must visit in malindi

Places to visit

1.Kipepeo project 

A beautiful market for butterfly, moth pupae and other live insects as well as honey. The insects farmed by the local community are displayed in the caged market for tourist and local visitors. The butterfly are breed and raised in community farm.

2.Gedi ruins 

Founded in the early 13th century the Gedi ruins was an abandoned city.A small town built with rocks and stones, its an archeological and historical site for tourists

3.Tsavo East National Park & west

The largest national park in kenya that’s separated by a road that’s lead to Mombasa,comes with wildlife from lions to elephants and many more.

4.Hell’s kitchen marafa 

The name should not  shy you a way, the high cliffs with sharp rocks could confuse you from somewhere in America. It’s a 30 min drive from malindi town.

5 National Marine Park 

Filled with coral garden with different species of beautiful fish over 500 of them can be found in watamu beach,they attract alot of visitors that get a chance of viewing the fish deep sea.

6.Watamu beaches 

From resorts to sandy beaches and marine parks just mention watamu,the beaches are used for parties and wedding activities.The local are welcoming

7.Vasco Da Gama 

Built in 1498 by a Portuguese with imported material from Lisbon such as the cross. Facing the ocean up on a cliff, the monument has stood firm over centuries. It’s was given as an appreciation to the sutan.

Other activities to do

Sun bathing, surfing, diving, snorkeling, beach walks, picnic, visit the coral gardens and mangrove forest. 

So why not visit this paradise during this festive season.