Ekorent a Finnish leading electric mobility company which is operating as Eko Rent Africa launched Nopia ride the first ever full electric car services in kenya and the entire Sub-Saharan Africa.The ride which when fully charged can cover about 150km-160km comes to the market at the time when cycle  carbon emissions has become a problem in our roads, the battery can be used for about 10-15yrs and the electrical car saves up roughly 1.7million ksh in fuel consumption. Speaking at the event during the launch of Nopia ride the founder ceo Juha suojanen said Nairobi will from the service which will help reduce carbon emissions. Kenyans are very conversant with mobile taxi app and payments such as Uber, taxify among others, so it couldn’t have break the market at a better time. The car which can carry upto 4 passengers will earn drivers 30 percent more when using Nopia ride electric car. Nairobi is the pilot base for Ekorent Africa. Which means greater heights for kenya and East Africa. Nopia in Finland is using solar energy to charge electric vehicles which is great rather than plugging at a station for electric power, in kenya the charging stations are at two rivers mall and payments options are Mpesa express.