The lord Egerton castle built from the year 1938 to 1954,out of love.

Located in the outskirts of Nakuru town, surrounded by shrubs tall canopy and equatorial tree lies the castle of love

  • The castle was built by a young baron Lord Maurice Egerton, the last  son of Alan DE Tatton and Lady Anna Louisa Taylor.He had two siblings Cecil and William whom both died while young living Maurice sole heir to the riches of his family.
  • Lord Maurice had been a Royal Navy until 1920 after his father died he assume the succession as the fourth baron of Egerton. Maurice passion for photography and adventure led him to Africa through Zimbabwe, Congo,Uganda and eventually decided to settle in Kenya.
  • Once in kenya He met Lord Delamere who had vast acres of land in the rift Valley kenya,convinced Maurice to buy a land from him and bought 21,000 Acres in the year 1927.

In 1928 He met a young woman from the linen of the queen and decided to build a four roomed cottage to impress her, in his dismay She rejected the house calling it a coop of birds.

Blinded with love Maurice decide to erect a Castle with similarity to the one in Britain,with an Architect from England and material shipped from Italy and U.k stood a castle with.

  • A ballroom for meetings and entertainment
  • Library
  • Kitchen and laundry
  • Guest lobby
  • Guesthouses

Roofs were made of zinc tiles which glided over each other.with a total of 150 Italian builders,the castle has 52 rooms.

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The castle was completed in the year 1954 and Maurice invited her again but she didnt even spent 2 hours at the compound.Filled with anger He banned all women from steeping their foot into his castle.

It was only until 2005 when all members of the public were allowed to view the majestic castle with manicured green garden lawn.The envisioned castle resembles one in the U.K where visitors moils the castle for romance.