Gambling Addiction in KENYA

So I have this friend of mine who lost 400 USD (40,000ksh) his monthly salary on sport betting.This led him into depression and mindset discomfort,but after a few weeks later He placed another bet this time with 10 USD(1000ksh) and won 200 USD(20,000Ksh) and the trend continued……..  This is the current state of our country since the introduction of countless gambling sites that’s now operates on our country,though it’s just a sheer luck to win the escatic feeling is what draws more people to risk their hard earned money to a quickie gambling sites.As many as 30 betting sites that now triumphs in kenya  they have engulfed the hearts and minds of our generation. Its the intrig of making fast money that has led to the addiction.Gambling addiction may not be seen as similar to alcohol or any other drugs but  when one gambles daily with his/her salary that’s a mere fact that it is a slow addiction that’s killing the  young and old in kenya and Africa today,it’s tearing marriages apart and less to mental health problems.Am well aware of the possibility of instant millinare out of gambling or even the increase sponsorship and community empowering of this top gambling sites in kenya but truth be told the disease in it must be addressed very quick. THE Government proposed legislation to curb betting on kenya should be supported so as to save this country from the gambling menace in our country because it’s an addiction on the rise and we may not be able to catch up this its predicament negative results as witnessed. Finally gambling Addiction is a global menace not just in kenya and Africa let’s speak about it.