The fasted mammal days on the universe is on the verge of quick decline. It’s population is declining speedily just as the sleek dotted animal, From 100,000 to just less than 10,000 currently is shocking.infact a report done estimated that their are just 7,000 left of the world fastest animal. The study shows that more than half of the cheetah in Africa and Asia dwells among people and both in Africa and Asia they are killed and totally wiped out by humans. In Asia the cheetah’s cabsalso faces illegal trafficking on the black market, they are sold illegally to Europe, America and some part of Asia.The loss of the cheetah’s habitat to humans and reduction of prey to feed on and also their vulnerability to humans has played a big role in their extinction. In India the Asiatic cheetah was declared extinct cheetah is hunted and conservers have declared extinction of the species. Survival of the cheetah Organization such as the “The Dwell cheetah” says its a menace on the blink.Cheetah barks, growls and chives but they don’t roar, they are vulnerable and they can be a thing of the past. The pale yellow coat with its black dots needs protection if the species is to survive, long term solution to tackle their protection including the ranges with population and vast in conservation. The fabled predator future is on our hands let’s stop the killing and let’s protect the fasted mammal on earth.