We all have that one or two movies and series that are just thrilling to our eyes and heart.

Well some of my readers  wanted a review on some of the best political series of all time, so I compiled a list of the best thrilling series that are political genre based.

The rating and review of this 5 series are based on you my readers and mostly my affection towards them. I have no affiliation towards them, neither am I getting paid so folks let’s jump straight into them.

1.Designated survivor

Stars:Kiefer Sutherland, Adan Canto, La monica Garrett, Kal Penn, Tanner Buchanan, Natascha, Mcelhone. 

Networks:ABC, Netflix. 

Seasons: 2

Created by David Guggen. The mid-week political thriller ranks first in my list as the best political series.The star Kiefer Sutherland comes into the oval office when the capital building gets bombed and destroys the entire government, leaving only one man as the designated survivor.

The actor famous known from the series 24. Leads at a time when he didn’t expects.you can check it out on Netflix as it was canceled on ABC.

2.Madam Secretary 

Stars:Te’a Leoni, Tim Daly, Keith Carradine, Evans Roe, Patina Miller, Sara Remirez, Sebastian Arcelus, Wallis currie – wood. 



The CIA analyst who leaves her job to be appointed as the secretary of state as Elizabeth McCord. She becomes one of the best cast actress showing her prowess in the political series as she juggles from her work as the secretary of state and family. She tackles each battle with zeal. That’s why folks it ranks 2 in my countdown. You can watch it on CBS.


Stars:kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn,Bellamy young, scol Foley, Katie lowest, Jeff perry, Joshua malina, Joe Morton, Debry starchifield.



Folks with scandal you get a chance to learn the US politics, culture and love stories that resides around one mistress “Olivia pope”. The political series tweaks around the drama, love and betrayal inside Washington DC. Having run for 7 season it ended and currently runs a fresh as “Fixer”. This series isn’t just about politics, in fact it covers all the aspects of movies genre so folks you can watch it on ABC.

4.House of Cards

Stars:Kevin spacey, Diane lane, Rachel brosnahar, Robin Wright, Kate Mara, Neve Campbell among others. 



This one comes with betrayal, drama and a thriller. The series focus around political hunger games around the oval office showcase  how far one can go to be take charge of the Whitehouse. Now my review of this series is that the first 4 seasons were awesome while critics say the last 2 season lacked the thrilling touch it had in the previous seasons. But everyone has different opinions so folks If you haven’t watched it check it out on Netflix.


No of seasons :3 


A fully assimilated middle eastern man Bassam ‘Barry’ AL – fayed (main character) who lives as a US citizen, but returns home to his Dictator Father who rules a country of tone war. What baffled me folks is the mixture of middle eastern and American cultures.FX canceled the series after 3 seasons, still remains one of those special and best political series of all time.

So folks those are my 5 best political series of all time, if you have any additional comments just hit on that comment button or even better subscribe to my blog.

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