The truth defination an Heroein is an African mum.She is the peak of all tamplates of life,they handle each Tom and Jerry of this world and to even put their undoubted and exceedling deeds in an article is just a trailer in a series,They say a mother’s love is unconditional  and unmatched in the world, Yes mothers makes everything in the world just blossom.Their passion is to see each of their kin successes notching higher and that’s their greatest joy.Their impact on each person thriveness amazingly well. Yet she is unprone to alot Deming,suffering and seen as weakness in the society Has it not the world seeing the inquality, inhumane treatment that our mums go through each day.It pains so much seeing tears of a woman as she being coax by the unforgiving world.Some images of the suffering of our African mothers cant be blogged,this unfolding pact on our MUMs the Africa can’t make Africa prosper if our women and mothers are not empowered, their joy smiles should be Ours.Their presence in our lives is felt equal when they are not their. They deserve alot of respect and love from everyone they call son/daughter.A slogan “Let’s a make her smile” means no tears, no disrespect and no mistreatment. Means yes love, yes respect and yes support. This goes out to the rest of the world respect to all MUM s out their.