Africa is Just a Cemetery for Africans

Africa is Just a Cemetery for African that statement may receive alot of criticism and backlash but let’s be realistic to the words that were spoken by Russian president on Africa is Just our Graves, part of his statement he said “When an African becomes rich his bank accounts are in Switzerland, he travels to France for Medical treatment. He invest in Germany, he buys from Dubai, he consumes Chinese, he prays in Rome or mecca. His children study in Europe, he travels to Canada, USA, Europe for tourism. If he dies, he will be buried in his native country of Africa,Africa is Just a Cemetery for Africans” castigating him for making such statement or saying he ain’t right judging Africans, we are pact with bitter truth to swallow. All African countries are 3rd world countries and the leaders we elect are Lord’s into our poverty, within ourself we are enigmas on how we elect them. Poverty in Africa is brought by us and to end it must end by us investing in us and choosing us.