The love and care for wild animals is best implemented through conservation,protection and preservation of them.

To keep the culture and heritage of the African jumbos, we must show love and care to them,such love and care to the Baby elephants is found in the outskirts of Nairobi city kenya next to Nairobi National Park a Trust care centre for elephants, rhino’s and endangered animals:David Sheldrick wildlife Trust.

An award winning animal care sanctuary, boost 40 years of professional experience in care giving to Baby elephants,more than 150 plus elephants have been rescued. The orphanage is a focal point for  Baby elephants and rhino’s essential need of food, medicine and care.

Managed by Daphne sheldrick widow to one of the best Game warden from Egypt David sheldrick who died in 1977.Together with her daughter have been able to becon hope for the elephants.

The centre is always opened to the public each morning at (11 am).First Lady of United state of America made a tour of the trust when she visited kenya on October.

African Elephants have over the years decreased in large numbers due to poaching for their tusk.loosing their habitat and climate change is fast growing to be the exctintion of our elephants.

David sheldrick trust requires a helping hand in giving care to the Baby elephants. By fostering of Baby elephants or rhino and adoption could be a gift to the life and lifeless jumbo Babies. Gift of fostering Baby elephants

finally why not make a tour to the centre and show some love to the Babies literally as a Christmas gift adopt a Baby elephant.