2018 is history now  with its rosiness and defects it’s all a kiss good-bye. 

The toughest things in a person’s life is not being able to achieve his or her goals which to most are yearly set with zeal and determination to achieve them.

While you want to set out your 2019 goals, my best advice is not to rubber stamp 2018 goals.

To have your 2019 bucket list goals set out you need to follow my best 5 advice

1. Polish up your 2018 goals 

We all have unpolished goals left, which should be finished up first.Many unfished projects may haunt our future goals thus rendering us with heavier weight to lift.

2.Go for Achievable Goals 

Easy goals are best to  go after us they make us stronger when accomplishing them. My idea of achievable goals may vary differently individually as every one carries different dreams. Don’t be desperate and go Big while your current livelihood can’t meet all your needs.

3.Live for You and By You

Your likelihood of failure should be your horse power toward proving all negativity wrong. Simple rule is just to go for what you can afford, don’t try to be someone else and trying to go for what you can’t live up to is just hovering in the darkness with no clue of where you’re heading.

Living at your means will not only give you self-satisfaction but also self belief of what you can achieve if you set your mind into it.

4.Connection change

You all have that Friend whom you always hang out with, you chill out, do crazy stuffs and attended 2018 Parties together they most likely have no idea of your ambitions and goals.my advice this 2019 just disconnect them completely. Have those Friends whom share the same dreams and ambitions.

5.Its Only You 

The only goal remaining on your bucket list is you, put yourself first and love what you do.


  • what connects with you
  • What vibes well with you

Finally on 2019 bucket list will be achieved if you just go easy and with no pressure on getting stuffs done quickly,and am sure at the end of this year you will be smiling on what you have achieved.