So which are the 2018 top ten richest clubs in Europe and how rich are they?.

Let me not bore you let’s jump sraight into the list of the 10 richest football clubs in the world.

1.Mancester United $ 827 million The red devils continues to dorminate the list as the top richest club in Europe with broadcasting and sponsorship being the niche to their high figures.

2.Read Madrid $825 million  The UEFA Champion’s league champions Read Madrid with their retain of the cup see them top the list and continue to dominate.

3.Fc Barcelona $793 million The LA Liga champions ranked 3rd in the list with their impressive performance in the Spanish league. The sale of Neymar to PSG saw their cash pile even though it not considered as a factor when selecting.

4.Bayern Munich $719 million The German machines rose to the rank as the continue to dorminate the Bundesliga league with their 5th title they ranked 4th in the list.

5 Manchester city $645 million  2017-2018 English Premier league champions ranked 5th with their sterling performance saw them record quality commercials and sales.

6.Arsenal Fc $596 million.  FA cup champions ranked 6th however they have failed to up the ladder due to their failure to qualify for the champions league.

7.Paris Saint German $595 million The French Giants ranked 7th in the list with their new signing stars Neymar and mbappe stretched their finances but they stayed firm.

8.Chelsea Fc $524 million The 2016-2017 English Premier league winners ranked 8th in the list with their new deal with drinks firm carabao saw their finance boost high.

9.Liverpool Fc $519 million   The reds ranked 9th with their new TV deal saw their finance rising high, their success in the pitch and commercial played a big role in their rank among 10 richest clubs.

10.Juventus $496 million Last in the list of the top 10 richest clubs is the old lady, the Italian giants has continue to win serie a over the years.