Kenya has one of the most talented musicians in Africa. when you mention music, fame and record selling from our local artists  then wealth come in mind.

As seen on social and mainstream media music pays lots of money

So who are the current richest musicians in kenya. 

1 Jaguar The flamboyant young politician is among the oldest musicians in kenya, with a sterling career. Apart from earning as a member of parliament, he also runs businesses.


2.AkotheeThe controversial single mother has risen against on odds among richest musicians in kenya,from vast businesses in real estates to resorts hotels in diani not mentioning her tour company. She has also accumulated wealth in the music industry.

3.Size 8 RebornGospels singer and wife to systems unit D.J Mo is one of the top richest musician in kenya. Having been in the industry for a while now and recently doing alot of commercials mainstream media and Adverts, she has managed to accumulate quite some wealth.

4.Nameless Another legend in the music industry. DAVID MATHENGE is his real name. He started way back in the 90s at Capital fm he has become one of the richest musicians in kenya alongside her wife WAHU both whom have businesses in Nairobi.

5.WyreThe love child singer also a guru in the music industry doing R&B with some reggae is quite a rich man,having been popular not only in kenya but worldwide.

6.Sauti soulThe upper hill brothers bond by music drive sleek and expensive vehicles, have quite some wealth having been  In the music career for sometime now, From performing in Vegas to South Africa its left to say they are global musicians and have acquired alot of wealth.

7.BahatiMoto wa mama singer also know as Kevin bahati as his real name is a gospel musician, has managed to accumulate some wealth in the short time he has been in the industry.Recently he is the CEO of a music recording studio dabbed EMB record(EastLand Most Beloved). Which is doing great.

8.Willy Paul Another controversial gospels singer just like Bahati he is not very old in the music industry but he has managed to acquire quite some wealth, from vehicles to an expensive house.He also has a recording studio.

9.Noniniworked in one fm as a breakfast show radio presenter, he rose to fame as a genge artist way back in the 90s. Runs Africanised Hiphop and genge. Has wealth from his business and musical career.

10.Habidafrom rags to riches a model and a female artist she has risen to be a daaling to many Kenyans and she has a very nice financial life having been abroad and aslso from her music.